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Beginning Photography Classes

Relax and get ready to ask questions! Even if they are the same ones over again. The Beginning Photography Class was created to be a small group setting that is both insightful and engaging. So have a taste and enjoy the experience. More Details…

Beginning Photography Classes and Wine Tasting

Comprehensive Photography Classes

The Comprehensive Photography Class is our best deal! In a small group hands on setting, we will teach you what all those dials on your camera mean. Then we will show you how to apply what you have learned and take some great pictures! More Details…

Comprehensive Photography Classes and Wine Tasting

Seattle Night-Time Shoot Photography Classes

Come join us in Seattle to watch the sunset and then shoot this beautiful city at night! After a brief refresher, we will tackle how to shoot directly into sunlight as the sun sets and then learn the tricks of capturing those great night time shots. More Details…

Seattle Night Shoot Photography Classes

Post Processing with Lightroom and Photoshop

This is the Cork and Click Post Processing with Lightroom and Photoshop and Wine Tasting being held in Woodinville! These are huge programs with endless possibilities for editing. Consequently, they can be mighty intimidating. We will break these programs down making them far more user friendly. Learn just what you need as a photographer to take your images to that next level.More Details…


The Cork & Click 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If by the end of taking one of our Photography Classes you have not learned more about all of those buttons and dials and have more confidence using your camera, we will give you a 100% refund!

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“Fantastic instructor, very comfortable setting and super value for the money.
Jeff B.
The class was fantastic! It was so informative and helpful and allowed you the opportunity to put what you were learning into action. It was fun and a pleasure to work with such nice people
Kathy G.
“Learned a lot. Appreciated that the language was not so “technical” so I understood what was being taught. I got off auto!”
Denica B.
“Relaxing and Fun. Nice hands-on practice and teacher was well versed in various camera types and settings. Really awesome to be able to use those overlooked features! ”
Nancy N.
“It was a fabulous relaxed and casual learning class. I enjoyed my time tremendously! Christinana is very bright and helpful to learn from. ”
Valerie C.
“It was awesome! Christiana was very helpful and I learned a lot about my camera. Brooke at Pattit was great too and we really enjoyed our time there!”
Michelle D.