Cork and Click Photography Classes are Guaranteed to be Fun!


If by the end of taking our Photography Classes you have not learned more about your camera and had FUN doing it, we will fully refund the cost of the class!

Comprehensive Photography Classes

The Comprehensive Photography Class is our best deal! We will cover the content of both the Beginning and Intermediate classes.

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Beginning Photography Classes

Relax and get ready to ask questions! Even if they are the same ones over again. The Beginning Photography Class was created to be insightful and engaging. So have a taste and enjoy the experience.


Intermediate Photography Classes

Lets go a little deeper. The Intermediate Photography Class will expand and put into practice what you learned in the beginning class.



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100% Positive Reviews for our customers

“Great class with a really fun teacher and wine to boot!”
Susan K.
“Christiana was a great instructor and pair that up with the amazing wine/cheese cracker platter equals a fun way to learn the basics of photography! ”
Bronica S.
“Learned a lot. Appreciated that the language was not so “technical” so I understood what was being taught. I got off auto!”
Denica B.
“Relaxing and Fun. Nice hands-on practice and teacher was well versed in various camera types and settings. Really awesome to be able to use those overlooked features! ”
Nancy N.
“It was a fabulous relaxed and casual learning class. I enjoyed my time tremendously! Christinana is very bright and helpful to learn from. ”
Valerie C.
“It was awesome! Christiana was very helpful and I learned a lot about my camera. Brooke at Pattit was great too and we really enjoyed our time there!”
Michelle D.