Editing with Lightroom and Photoshop

This is the Cork & Click Editing with Lightroom and Photoshop class being held in Woodinville! These are huge programs with endless possibilities for editing. Consequently, they can be mighty intimidating. We will break these programs down making them far more user friendly. Learn just what you need as a photographer to take your images to that next level.

In this class Christiana Childers will show you:
– The difference between RAW and JPEG files.
– The basics of file management.
– How to improve landscapes and portraits.
– How to perfect composition after the picture has been taken.
– How to adjust specific parts of the image.
– How to send photos out to everyone
– And more!!!

With this class you will be able to add that extra punch to your photographs and take a step closer to being the photographer you want to be!

What you need to bring:
– A Laptop (if you have one)
– Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Installed
– Notepad for taking notes

Included in fee:
– Hands on Lightroom and Photoshop Instruction
– A delightful glass of wine from a local winery.

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