One of the things I appreciate about Portraiture is that it forces you to be aware of light in a way that I think other types of photography don’t.  I have learned a lot about how light behaves through Portraiture, how it play across a face or lingers in someone’s eyes.  One of my biggest a-ha moments was when I started using a reflector to bounce light back into faces or add highlights to eyes.

Camera gear is often not cheap but the great thing about reflectors is they are pretty inexpensive!  Not only that, you don’t have to buy the official “reflectors” to bounce light.  A cheap piece of foam core will do the trick or even the side of a building that is bouncing light can be used.  There’s a spot at the side of my house when the sun is setting, I can put my subject’s back to the sun for that beautiful rim light and then the sun bounces of the side of my house back into their faces.  Once you start to notice the character of light, you will find these places too!

Whatever method you use to bounce light, I encourage you to try it out.  Here’s an example of what a reflector will do for portraits.

Christiana Childers_Reflector


Reflectors will take your photography to the next level.  Give it a try and share it with us!