Photography Exercise

5 Reasons to Look at Photographs Daily

We see photos every day.  We actually see too many photos everyday.  So why on earth would more photos help you become a better photographer?  Here are five ways: 1)  It will improve your composition.  If you only look at your own pictures, you won’t be exposed to  different ways of seeing.  While its possible that you will try new things are your own, seeing new compositions and how other photographers approach a subject will help you to get outside of your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to copy a style but then put your own spin on it.  Besides, that way when you win that Pulitzer you can say, “I am heavily influenced by…”  and know what you’re talking about. 2) You’ll learn how to break [...]

How to get that shot! – Giant Bubbles – Photography Tips

A question often asked in my classes is how to get shots of busy kids. "They're always blurry or turn their heads as soon as I pull out my camera!" Super common! One of my favorite photography tips to combat this is to give the kids something to do or engage with. Then while they play, you can play! Here are some resent shots I took of my cousin's boys while they were making giant bubbles.         In all these shots I'm using fast shutter speeds from 1/6400 to 1/1250.  I was able to achieve these high shutter speeds because I had plenty of light and I picked bigger apertures of f/2.8 to f/3.5.  I did have a low ISO of 200 so if I [...]

Learning Photography through Photo Collecting

If you don’t know where to start or what to start shooting, here’s my advice – just do it!  I know, not super helpful.  Once again, practice is key to learning digital photography! This learning photography through photo collecting is a great exercise that can help you get started. One thing that helps me in this area and has stretched my creativity is to have a photo collection.  I love bicycles!  When I started photographing them I suddenly saw them everywhere and started adding to my collection.  I hardly realized that I was practicing! :) During this time we were fortunate enough to be living in Dublin and were able to easily travel to Paris! I loved walking down the side streets and seeing all of the old [...]